Thursday, August 9, 2012

Coming Soon: Childrens Art Smocks

My latest personal project has been this art smock that I designed, and sewed for Mollie. She loves to paint, and usually I just have her take her shirt off so she doesn't get paint on it, but when I was given this fabric I knew it would make a perfect art smock for her. 

When I was designing this pattern, I wanted it to be super easy for her to put on and take off by herself, so I added a few features with that in mind.. 

For one, I used the "onesie-style" neckline, that pulls over the head super easily. Most art smocks on the market tie in the back of the neck, which makes no sense to me. I don't think I know any toddler/preschooler who can tie a bow behind their back, particularly one made out of bias tape, which doesn't make for a great bow (in my opinion).

 Secondly, I had the smock fasten on the sides with two giant buttons (these are probably 1" diameter) and generous size buttonholes to make them easy for kiddos to fasten. Velcro would have been easy too, but not quite as cute as the buttons :)

And of course it has to have pockets to hold paint brushes and art supplies..

Here it is in action..

Although this one's for Mollie, I'm going to be making some for my shop soon! They'll be made out of laminated cotton, which is a heavy duty laminated fabric that can be wiped-clean. Oil Cloth By the Yard and Oilcloth Addict have tons of super cute laminated cotton prints. I'll be ordering some for my shop soon, but if you think you'd like to purchase an art smock (they'll be priced $25-$30), let me know what fabric you like and I'll include it in my order :)

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